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Judo Classes at Long Ditton Village Hall




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Tora Kai Judo School for Children in Elmbridge including Xcel Sports Centre Walton on Thames
Tora Kai Elmbridge Surrey Judo School - Classes for Kids and Adults
Judo Club - Lessons for Boys & Girls in Elmbridge Surrey including Xcel Sports Complex Walton on Thames

Our Judo Classes – Emphasis On Fun

The aim of the club is to promote judo in as safe an environment as possible. Children are not pushed to the limits of their ability in order to produce Olympic Champions, but are encouraged in the art of Judo in a friendly and fun environment. For more information about Tora-Kai Judo Club, use the menu for this website.
Tora Kai Judo Long Ditton Village Hall

Long Ditton Village Hall Timetable

Tora-Kai have been teaching Judo at this venue since September 2012.

Classes at this venue are for children and are open to the general public. If you are interested in Judo for adults and teenagers, see our menu above for the classes at Elmbridge Xcel Walton.

* Age ranges shown below are for guidance only. The class a student attends will depend on the student’s age, size and ability as judged by the relevant Judo coach.

Children’s Class*
Judo Coach: Lauren Pearman

Children’s Class*
Judo Coach: Craig Capon REMOVED

Children’s Class*
6.30pm – 7.30pm
Judo Coach: Charlotte Potter

Contact Tora-Kai Judo Club

To join our classes please contact the appropriate coach for the session you wish to join, using the phone & email details below.

Please mention the Tora-Kai website when you contact the coaches.

Coach: Charlotte Potter

Mobile: 07840 312 484

Coach: Lauren Pearman


Long Ditton Venue

Long Ditton Village Hall
2 Ewell Road
Long Ditton,
Surrey KT6 5LE


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Other Classes & Private Judo Lessons

If these times or the location are not convenient for you, we have Judo Classes at many more schools & leisure centres in Surrey. In addition to our Judo Clubs, private lessons can be arranged. For more information see menu at the top of this Tora-Kai Judo Club website.

Long Ditton Village Hall

Classes by Tora-Kai School Of Judo open to the public.