News From Adrian Pearman – Principal of Tora-Kai School Of Judo

News From Adrian Pearman -  Head Coach At Tora-Kai School Of Judo

Well its nearly the end of the year and its time to reflect on what the club has been involved in throughout the year.

As always we supported the Surrey Youth games this year with a new format : introducing our ‘new’ pupils to the competitive side of Judo.
We held our usual club competition in the main hall at the Xcel complex, Walton-on-Thames , a whole day of children competing against each other and hopefully remaining friends !

In all classes , throughout the year , competitions and gradings were held to continually allow the children to monitor their progress.

Our coaches are continually striving to maintain the excellent coaching standard they have achieved and they continually attend all the excellent necessary courses they require to coach Judo to children and adults.”

Adrian Pearman

Principal and Head Coach - Tora-Kai School Of Judo, 28th November 2018

Can it be that we are less than 5 months away from our next Club Competition!

As a trial the coaches have decided that we should alter the date we hold our annual Club Competition ; it has been decided to hold our big showcase event in March next year. This is the event where over 200 boys , girls and young adults take part .
This Competition has been held for many years as an introductory experience for our many pupils , we usually run this event at the Xcel Leisure centre .

My good friend and ex pupil Bob has returned to continue his judo training with us , he has the ambition of entering the British Masters Competition next year and I intend to regularly up date how his training is going.
I wish him every success.”

Adrian Pearman

Principal and Head Coach - Tora-Kai School Of Judo, 29th October 2018

After our successful Club Competition in July we are holding our usual coaches meeting.
This is to discuss the competition and see how we can improve the experience in the next Competition. Our meeting is planned for the 19th of October at the usual venue.
After 38 Competitions we are still trying to improve ‘ the day ‘ for children and parents.
A new competition check list has been devised and is in the process of being emailed to all coaches for their comments, hopefully this should help organise and assist . 

Our senior section is flourishing and at the Xcel leisure centre there will be a theory grading for its members on Thursday 12th of October – 6 to 730 pm .”

Adrian Pearman

Principal and Head Coach - Tora-Kai School Of Judo, 6th October 2018

Welcome back to all our pupils in our Schools and Leisure Centres.

Our coaches have now resumed all classes.
What with our warm and sunny summer it was indeed fortunate that we had a break July/August time.
This is traditionally the busiest time of the year for all classes as children move up a year and try out different sports.

A couple of date have been announced ; for the Surrey Youth games , they will be held over the weekend of the 15th/16th of June 2019.” Adrian Pearman

Principal and Head Coach - Tora-Kai School Of Judo, September 2018

Another successful year behind us – what a year!

Thanks to each of you, your dedication, support and hard work, we as a team have achieved amazing results. Thank you and well done.

What we’ve managed to achieve so far; 

  • Starting woman’s/girls Judo classes
  • Increased interest and attendance in adult classes
  • Training students to participate in various Competition events around the country
  • Holding our annual 36th Judo Club Competition – great support and success all-round
  • Training 3 borough’s for the Surrey Youth Games
  • Designing our new website
  • Continued Club growth and success

Looking forward to another year with even greater expectations.”

Adrian Pearman

Principal and Head Coach - Tora-Kai School Of Judo, July 2018

“Morgan Class-Kirtley travelled up to the Budokwai on Sunday the 11th February 2018.
The Budokwai is the oldest Judo Club in Europe and has produced so many of our notable Judoka over the last 100 years.
Morgan was allowed to join in Paul Ajala’s class under the watchful eye of Tony Sweeny, ‘Mr Judo’ President of the Budokwai and 9th Dan.” Adrian Pearman

Principal and Head Coach - Tora-Kai School Of Judo, March 2018