Olympic Bronze Medal Winner Karina Bryant started learning Judo aged 9 with Tora-Kai Coach Jean-claude. Never stop dreaming & believing!

Karina Bryant Winning Judo Olympic Bronze Medal - Was coached by Tora-Kai Coach Jean-claude at age 9

“Back in 1989 a young girl Karina Bryant age 9 started to learn Judo with me, at the age of 12 after winning the southern area the “Surrey Herald” (see pictures below) made a write-up at the time noticing her exceptional size (6 feet) and her ambition to fight at the Olympics. The picture in the news article was taken with my daughter age 10 at the time.

That same girl went on to win several Junior and Senior world championships, finally winning Bronze at the London Olympics in 2012, proving that never stop dreaming and believing!

Photos above show the medal and Karina receiving her medal on the podium.

Photos below include me and Karina at the post Olympic party and a picture of us with Luje Preston National team coach.


Coach - Tora-Kai School Of Judo