Report On 2015 Surrey Trials By Craig Capon

Report On Judo Team 2015 Surrey Trials By Craig Capon

“All the junior boys turned up, anxious and ready to compete. After a light warm up all four were called to their respective mats with Fred Fox, Thierry Boucher and Callum Ayres on mat one and Jakob Howe on mat two.

All their matches were intense with only one of the four winning their first, but everyone kept smiling and they were ready for their next set of matches. Jakob, Thierry, Fred and Callum all fought well and we were pleased with their high level of participation.

When the results came through we had a good set of medals from the boys as Callum and Fred both got bronzes for the morning and showed what a good level of determination and training can do, while Jakob and Thierry were happy with their performances, even though they just narrowly missed out on medals.

Next was the girls’ turn, with Kiera Lenz, Kathryn Aplin and Pamela Santoriello, with the change in weight categories for the older two meaning that they would face each other for the gold medal in the same category.

It was a close and very technical contest ending in a narrow victory for Kathryn. Meanwhile, Kiera had three contests. Unknown to everyone including her she did not have to win against anyone and unfortunately had to face heavier fighters. She couldn’t quite get victory, but then the medal ceremony for these three came and they were awarded silver for Pamela and two golds for Kiera and Kathryn.

Only one more contestant was left: Morgan Class-Kirtley. He had missed his original time slot and was therefore unable to win a medal but with the organisers allowing him to fight in the seniors he fought the gold medallist of the junior section in his weight category. His first fight was close but he was forced to tap out after a very good armlock from his opponent. They had a second match soon after as there were no senior fighters in that category this time. Morgan was more comfortable in the area. Fighting, he almost scored a winning throw but his opponent turned in the last second hurting himself. After a short break his opponent won the grip and threw Morgan, a much closer fight overall in the second bout

It was a very good day with just over half of our fighters achieving a medal meaning they have got into the Surrey team or squad.

Our team that day had supported each other, win or lose, and had a great feeling of looking after each other.

The coaches were immensely proud of the heart and support they showed each other.

Three of our players have successfully been selected for the Surrey team and they are: Kiera Lenz, Katherine Aplin and Pamela Santoriello.

A big well done to all who took part.”

Craig Capon

Judo Coach - Tora-Kai School Of Judo, 19th April 2015